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Friday, April 15, 2011

Nothing Yet

I still don't know anything. Another negative test today, day 46. I'm out of tests, so I won't be testing again until Sunday morning.

Something I've been thinking about in regards to dating this (might be) pregnancy is what to tell a care provider. Here's what I mean: my LMP is March 1st, but I know that if I got pregnant, it was between April 1-3. Here are the "due dates" for each:

LMP March 1st: EDD December 8, 2011 (with a cycle length of approx 30 days) Probable conception date April 2: EDD December 24, 2011

So you see my situation? I don't think I could possibly convince a care provider to put down the December 24 EDD when my LMP was March 1st. It would be bad enough by itself, but add that to the fact that providers want VBAC mothers to give birth on or before their due dates, and also my history of giving birth 1-2 weeks after my EDD, and there's a big problem.

Say, for example, my baby would have come 1 week after the EDD of December 24. That would be December 31st. The care provider wants me to have my baby by the December 8 EDD, so if I consented (no!) to a RCS (no induction for VBAC moms), that would make my baby 3 weeks, 2 days early. Not good. And I don't suppose any care provider would be comfortable with me going (in their eyes) 3 weeks, 2 days past my "due date" either, would they?

So should I make up an LMP that fits better with when I know baby was conceived? I don't want an early vaginal ultrasound just for dating purposes. I know the small window in which baby was conceived, and I know that December 8th would be nowhere near when to expect him.



  1. With my last, I had to finally give up and "get creative" with naming my LMP, simply because care providers just will NOT believe anything other than the almighty pregnancy wheel (I'm talking about doctors, not my midwife), nor will they believe that anything could vary from it. Too bad!

  2. Agree with Diana. Though I normally frown on lying, if a doctor won't accept "my cycle is erratic, but I know when I conceived," then it may be necessary. What they're trying to find out when getting the LMP is when the likely due date is; so by giving them an alternative LMP, one that gives them an accurate due date, you're helping both them and you.

    However, you may be able to be honest about the LMP and still squeeze some wiggle room out of the calculator by telling them that pregnancy tests on days such-and-such were all negative, and your first positive was on such-and-such date. Maybe that's asking too much from an OB, but I remember one or both of my midwives asking not just LMP, cycle length and regularity, but also when the test came back positive.

  3. I didn't have a dating ultrasound but based on the very early one I had when admitted for hyperemesis, they decided I was two weeks less far than I said (which would have meant I got my positive pregnancy test before conception). I actually based what I told them on date of ovulation and said, "I am x weeks because I know when I ovulated and I can't remember the LMP date". That way what I told them was more accurate than giving the LMP and I wasn't lying.

  4. You know, if HG has any benefits, it's that I always get sick at 6-7 weeks pregnant. So once I start getting sick that will help confirm if "my" dates are correct or not.