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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cycle Day 45

In my life, cycle day 45 has always held very special significance. My cycles are not always regular, but the one thing I can always count on is that I never have a cycle that lasts more than 45 days. Today is cycle day 45.

So guess what I'm doing today? Buying pregnancy tests! Again. You know how it is when you're wondering if you're pregnant, always wondering if every twinge is "something". So it's hard for me to say if I "feel" pregnant yet. So I guess I'm going to keep testing until I get a positive or a period!

In other related news:

As I was eating my grits this morning I looked down at the bowl and wondered if it would be my last bowl of grits for 9 months. Wondered when food would morph from friend to foe. When my body would begin the process of purging food. Of balking at water. When that black box of HG would overcome me.


  1. I know those feelings so very well... praying for you! :)

  2. was negative. I'll TRY to wait until Sunday to test again, but I've never had much will power? :)

  3. Just a hopeful thought to counter the dreadful one of suffering through HG once again: Sometimes it doesn't happen. My close friend had it with baby #1, #3, and #4--but not baby #2. So, there's always hope that it won't happen next/this time! <3