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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Goodbye, 20s!

I have to say, this isn't exactly the way I envisioned spending the last days of my 20s. My birthday is a week from Friday (Earth Day) and my thoughts have been dominated with questions about my pregnancy status and how that would change our family. My greatest hope is that I would be pregnant with a boy, not because I value boys over girls, but because my HG was so much easier to handle when I was pregnant with a boy! I do adore little boys though. My son is the biggest sweetheart you'll ever meet. He asked me the other day (with tears in his eyes) why God hadn't yet given him a baby brother. So, Caleb and I want another boy baby.

A few things to report:

  • In the last week I've had two mornings where my stomach felt very sour until I'd eaten.

  • This morning I woke two hours before I normally do (I started waking up really early, very early on in my previous three pregnancies)

  • Today is day 44 of a cycle that has never, ever gone beyond 45 days.


  1. How exciting for you and happy birthday in advance. Seriously, being in your 30s feels no different to your 20s. I hope you have a really good pregnancy if you are pregnant and you know all us bloggers are here for you. xxx

  2. Waiting with baited breath over here!!! :) And a very happy birthday in advance - you and I are only about 2 mos. apart! :)