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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Won't OB My Neighbor?

You'll never guess what I recently learned about my next door (apartment) neighbor. I mean, I actually share a wall with this man! He's an obstetrician! Can you believe it? Of all the people with whom I could share a wall, and it's an OB. I'm very amused.

My husband made the discovery. He stopped him in the breezeway one evening when they were both returning from work. When the subject came up, my husband took the opportunity to ask him if he attended VBACs. Of course he doesn't. The OB was shocked to learn I'd had two VBACs. He said he didn't know anyone who "did" VBACs anymore. He's right, too. No one in this area attends VBACs. You drive to Atlanta if you have the motivation, or submit to surgery if you don't. I'm so thankful our hometown and families and several VBAC supportive providers are only a 4 hour drive.

Wouldn't it be something though, if I was planning to make the trek to Atlanta but discovered it was too late and I was going to have to give birth at home. Could I, should I, would I walk next door and ask the OB to attend? That thought makes me smile. Not only would he have a VBAC on his resume, but a homebirth to boot!


  1. He sounds like a great outreach project for you, but as an "oops!" homebirth care provider, he might be more trouble than he's worth, except in an emergency (and maybe even then!). But I sure hope you can get to know him! That would be just awesome.

  2. I know you're right Diana. But I do plan on getting to know him. I might even invite him to read here. Wouldn't that be something? At the very least, he may be an incredible resource for meds, no?