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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Finding a "super" supporter

As I was thinking over my pregnancy plans, HG protocol, etc this morning I realized that my task in finding a care provider is two-fold. I must find a provider who is both HG supportive AND vbac supportive.

Is this the impossible dream? I fear it might be. A supportive HG provider must be very proactive and intervention-minded, whereas a truly supportive vbac provider must not be. How can the two exist in the same person?

I'm becoming more and more convinced that my best option is to find the most HG supportive provider I can, even if that means I must "sign up" for a cesarean at my first appointment, and then birthing at home unassisted.


  1. In my experience, the two just don't go together - a care provider is either great for HG or great for birth, but not both (I would LOVE to be proven wrong!). However, what about switching halfway through? One till HG is under control and/or waning, then one for birth? Or co-care between a midwife (for birth) and an OB (for HG care)?

  2. Finding a supportive and good careprovider is so challenging! I would definitely agree with Diana, that finding 2 care providers would be a realistic and good option.
    If you are having trouble finding a careprovider, ask around at your La Leche League, doula groups, even the hospital childbirth educators. Ask some of the local labor and delivery nurses (they'll know all your hospital care providers). You can do this by just calling the hospital phone and being transfered to their desks. Then interview pre-conception with several different care providers, both your A: Managing HG and your B: Managing Homebirth careproviders.

    Good luck! I wish you a healthy pregnancy and birth!

  3. I sincerely hope you have an easier time this time. But regardless if you do or not, I hope you are able to find the help and support you need to get through both the HG and the birth, whoever that may be.

  4. I am hoping that you continue to blog about your prep work for HG. We are going to start TTC in about 6-7 months. And there is so much to prep for. This will be my 4th pregnancy (but only my 3rd baby) The last pregnancy I had just ended, and it was a rough bout with HG, but I wasn't prepared at all. Do you find preparing has helped lessened the HG or made it more managable? Maybe I am nuts to go through this again! but I am working hard at preparing my body and going to try lots of alternative therapies this time around (acupuncture didn't help with the 1st hg pregnancy at all, but going to give it another go) anyway, I will follow along with you and keep you in my thoughts

  5. There is a nurse midwife in the Mobile area. Cindy Messer I believe is her name. It is who our midwife sends moms with HG to. She may be able to help in some way or another. She is one of the few 'legal' cnm's we got in AL. I can't remember what doctor office she is with.

    found this:

    scroll down a little & look under staff.