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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Planting Seeds?

As I was returning home tonight from a late-night trip to the grocery store I met our across-the-breezeway neighbor. He saw that I had Miss Anna with me and told me how precious she is (she is!) and asked how old she was (21 months next week, can you believe it?). He mentioned that his wife is due with their first child, a girl, in mid to late June. Ah! A due date conversation. Time to plant some "please don't induce on your due date" seeds.

I said, "Oh that's wonderful! Anna was born a week after her due date, on June 28th. I was certain she was going to be born in July." Turns out I couldn't have said anything more appropriate because my neighbor exclaimed, "That's our problem! My wife wants to buy the baby a birth stone necklace. She wants to buy the June birth stone." I told him I understood the pickle they were in because, "you know babies, especially first babies, tend to come much later than their due dates." He looked as if no one had ever mentioned the possibility that a baby wouldn't come on its due date and said, "Well I guess that makes sense. Maybe we should go ahead and buy the July necklace instead."

Now if I can just keep the parents-to-be away from our anti-VBAC OB neighbor, who lives next to me and caddy-corner from them!

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