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Monday, January 7, 2008

You Must Demand TRUE Informed Consent

Before a doctor performs any medical procedure, surgery or test on you, you should be fully aware of what the procedure is, why it is being done, what information or result will be obtained, alternative treatments/tests, possible risks or complications, as well as the possibility of a second opinion. This is informed consent. If your care provider does not make you aware of this information, he or she is guilty of not obtaining your informed consent for the procedure. Many doctors, especially obstetricians, have found a sneaky way around having to inform you of your options: they give you a stack of papers to sign, and hidden in the very small print somewhere in the 15 pages is a blanket informed consent document covering anything and everything the doctor may want to do to you during your pregnancy, labor, and immediately postpartum. This is not informed consent. This is a cover-their-butt approach that allows the obstetrician to not be sued while being able to do anything he or she wants to you and your baby because, supposedly, you were informed and consented. It is the hope and purpose of this blog to help you understand that you have choices in your maternity care. It is your right and responsibility as a mother to question what is being done to you and your baby. It is your right and responsibility to see to the best interests of yourself and your child.


  1. Many obstetricians work a third of the year to pay malpractice so bums like you can sue away when your child doesn't turn out to be a rocket scientist!

  2. I decided to publish your comments from now on, "anonymous". I want the other readers here to see what you have to say.

  3. Just to let you know, the "informed consent" or any consent that you sign in the hospital isn't worth anything when it comes to legalities.

    Thought you'd like to know.

  4. I have had two kids, in two states with different doctors. Both of my doctors were straight foreward, full of information and options, and gave tons of information to me about what my choices were and the things that may happen with my choices. Not all doctors are like what is described, you have to find good ones just like anything you pay for. I did get a stack of paperwork but it came with a heafty conversation, and more conversations. My 2nd doctor was even more informative. I have not read alot of your stuff yet but there can and is good to both forms of child birth and if you make safe informed decisions you will bew happy. Things dont always go the way you want them, but you get through it and be happy with your life. I think a very important thing to remember is the same choice is not right for everyone, that is what makes us unique and what makes us amazing. I hope you respect that some women want hospital birth experiences and that you do have choices there too, you need to find the right doctor and let him know what you are expecting and wanting your experience to be like and ask if it is something he/she will do. You interview nannies, babysitters, employees, reaseach cars, homebuilders, schools, why not the doctor then you have made a choice that you are happy with. I also do not know if you sued or whe other poster above me but it really sucks to have to pay expensive premiums on insurance and high priced doctor visits from over inflated legal battles, would I sue if something were very wrong, YES but I hope it is a reasonable suit for a reasonable outcome.