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Monday, January 19, 2009

A photo request

I'm working on putting together what I hope will be a beautiful post. The last things I need are the following photos:

1. A pregnant woman standing near the ocean.
2. A picture of a laboring woman sweating.
3. A pregnant or laboring woman sitting with eyes closed.
4. A laboring woman surrounded by women.
5. A laboring woman with a strained or pained look on her face.
6. A mother resting with a fresh-squeezed baby.

If you have any of these photos and wouldn't mind me putting them on my blog, you can e-mail them to vbacwarrior at gmail dot com. If you have a blog I'd also be happy to link the photos to your blog. Thanks!


  1. Would you perhaps want the one of me right after I gave birth? I'm naked in it and am not sure how much nudity you want to show. (The picture is in the Oct 2006 archives, titled "She's here.")

  2. That one would be perfect,would you mind if I used it? I can just right click and save it.

  3. Becky! Long time no talk!!! I can't believe you're already 17 weeks pregnant! Time has flown by! We need to catch up, momma!!!! Anyway, yes, you are more than welcome to use ANY pictures of Iain's birth. I have so many beautiful pictures of Eva's birth where my mom, sister, aunt, two cousins and my midwife are all surrounding me. One is massaging my feet, the other is giving me positive affermations and everyone else is standing around me. We all have smiles on our faces and are really into the moment of labor. BUT, my scanner doesn't work and I don't know how to get this picture onto the computer =(
    Do you need me to e-mail you the picture(s) or can you just take it from my Myspace? Just let me know!

  4. I have a pic of me in labor with my daughter, and you can tell I am in pain in to picture.


  5. I can send you pictures of me and the "fresh squeezed" baby. How should I send them? Jeez, I even have pictures of the fresh squeezed placenta (not that you want those!) :)

  6. sorry, I just saw that you listed your email address. I'm sending them.